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Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls [15 Fun Choices!]


Children who are reaching their fourth birthday are gaining independence, preparing for a learning environment, and starting school. Toys are a great way to encourage a four-year-old to begin mastering new skills, from using their imagination and getting creative to practicing practical skills like handwriting and lace tying. The following 15 are the best toys for 4 year old girls! Yes, these toys are great for boys as well, but our little testers were all little girls. Here were their favorites that mom and dad loved too.

These toys are also great for teaching teamwork, playing with others, and gaining their own independence with independent play and learning. They highlight how toys can help your little one learn important skills. They focus on everything from imagination, creativity, learning, teamwork, and independence.

The Best Imaginative Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls 

best toys for 4 year old girls

1: Kidcraft Meadow Lane Playhouse

best toys for 4 year old girls

There are two important kinds of a playhouse in the world of little girls. As for something to go in the backyard, the KidKraft Meadow Lane Market Playhouse is one of the cutest I have ever seen! You will get years of use out of this thing. Moms and dads love KidKraft because they are very well built and will last for years.

There is also the option to go with something like this princess castle pop-up tent for inside. The princess tent is a great companion to playing dress-up. It is also a unique way to create an independent play space in a shared room.

2: Fun Food Truck 

Best toys for 4 year old girls

For the 4-year-old foodie in your life, check out the Fun Food Truck by Fisher-Price! This plastic food truck gives any 4-year-old girl the chance to cook, serve, and run her own food truck right in her playroom or bedroom. My kids absolutely love serving me up food from their play kitchens!


Best Toys for 3 year olds - Play Kitchen

If there is one toy that gets used over and over and over by toddlers, it’s a play kitchen. All of our boys and girls have loved playing kitchen in the house.

Serving us fake pizza, apples, or even coffee. Toddlers simply love this toy and will use it for a few years without fail. This KidKraft model is definitely one of the better models out there and is simply adorable (I mean check out the kitchen backsplash) Check Current Prices Here!

4: Trunk Dress Up Kit

best toys for 4 year old girls

Most little kids love to play dress up and it’s actually a great way to get their imagination rolling! You can find old clothes hidden up in your closet or look for a costume set or check out this trunk set that comes with 4 different costumes! There is a dancer, witch, superhero, and unicorn, so your 4-year-old has some options and can use her imagination.

Creative Toys for Little Girls

Personalized Name Crayon Set

Personalized Name Crayon Set

Your little girl will love having this cute crayon set that spells out her name. With multiple colors in each crayon, she’s sure to create a masterpiece. Plus, they come in a box with the recipient’s name written on the front and a yarn bow, so this is one gift you won’t have to wrap!

This Etsy shop is the original designer of crayon name sets, and they place a premium on quality. They’ve been featured in Forbes and Buzzfeed, and they were a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards’ Kids Category. Check them out here!

5: Jewelry Making Set

jewelry set

All building toys are a great way for a 4-year-old to get creative and work on hand-eye coordination. While you probably usually think of things like blocks, I bet you haven’t considering jewelry making! With this jewelry-making set your sweet girl can use plastic beads and string to make headbands, necklaces, and bracelets with a range of textured and decorative beads.

The kit comes with its own carrying case to keep all the pieces together. I love how simple it is, which allows your little one to be more independent! 

6: LEGO Bricks – LEGO Disney Anna and Elsa’s Storybook Adventures

You can’t go wrong with LEGOs, right? These classic building blocks (and their newer exciting sets!) have long been the go-to when looking for a toy that encourages imagination. They help your little one to get creative and build whatever they can think up.

This Classic LEGO Bricks kit comes with ten thousand pieces, all stored in a large LEGO brick box, and in a rainbow of colors. One thing is for sure, they won’t be running out of ideas of things to create any time soon!

Lego Ann & Elsa Set

If you are a Disney Lover, this Anna and Elsa set is simply too cute and fun for your 4-year-old girl.

It comes with all the classic characters; Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Christoph.

7: Nextx Art Easel

easel for 4 year olds

Perfect for the Creative 4 Year Old Girl (Great Learning tool too)

Another way 4-year-old girls can get creative is by drawing, painting, and using art supplies to create. This double-sided art easel has a chalkboard side and a magnetic dry erase side for drawing. The legs of the easel are adjustable, allowing you to tailor the height to your child’s needs.

This easel is super easy to assemble (that’s a win for moms) and you will find your sweet 4 year old playing on this easel for months if not years.

Learning Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

8: Leap Frog MyOwn Laptop

Children are often fascinated by what they see adults doing and using, such as when a parent is on the computer. The MyOwn Laptop by Leapfrog gives 4-year-old girls their own version of a computer with built-in learning games. It can help children learn letters, play games, listen to music, and draft their own messages. It is a great way to encourage positive time spent on technology!

9: Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Educational Toy

toys for 4 year old girls

Puzzles are the absolute best way to teach problem-solving skills. You can introduce puzzles at an early age and move up from wooden board puzzles to these educational floor puzzles. This Melissa & Doug set teaches younger children how to solve puzzles with larger pieces while also teaching basic spelling.

10: Buckle Busy Board

best toys for 4 year olds

Going to preschool and kindergarten is a big change for little kids! As this stage quickly approaches for your 4-year-old, they need to learn hands-on skills like tying shoes, zipping zippers, and managing snaps.

The Buckle Busy Board provides a flat surface for children to practice their skills all in one place. Plus, practicing on a flat surface is a great way to get the basics down! 

Great Toy to Build Teamwork Skills for Your 4 Year Old Girl

11: Board Games

best toys for 4 year old girls

Board games are a fun and interactive way to teach any kiddo about teamwork, competition, and also patience. They will have to wait their turn to play and watch everyone else play. The Ladybug Game is the perfect opportunity to teach children about bugs and have a fun game night or an afternoon playing together. You could also go with a classic like Candy Land. 


Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Pink, purple, and butterflies? Yes, I will take it! This perfect watch is a perfect present for a 4 year old girl. Plus, it is more than just an accessory to match their cute little pink dresses, it will help them learn to tell and keep track of time. Click here to check the current prices!

13: Magnetic blocks

magnetic blocks

My littlest is completely obsessed with magnetic blocks and magnetic tiles. While this can be an independent play toy, this is also a great opportunity to help your child learn to work with you to build something together. The tiles come in a variety of colors and stick together to build flat designs and three-dimensional structures. They make it really easy to build creative, unique towers, houses, cars, and more!

Toys for Your Independent 4 Year Old Girl

14: Independent reading

best toys for 4 year old girls

By now your 4-year-old is familiar with picture books and being read to, but the next step is learning how to read independently. First, this LeapFrop 100 Words Book helps your child navigate letters, words, and stories with the help of the electronic book. Second and best of all, having something that can talk your child through the pages will increase their confidence when approaching a book on their own.

15: MatchIt Spelling Flashcards

Best toys for 4 year old girls

Many 4-year-olds are eager to learn how to spell and read and are looking for ways to learn on their own. These MatchIt Spelling Flashcards use the basics of puzzle pieces to help guide your child to spelling and sight words. These cards are self-correcting in that the puzzles only fit one way, ensuring your child will find the correct answer every time they play.


Playsets encourage imagination and self-play, and I love that this treehouse is perfect for little girls and boys. Plus, it looks like the treehouse of my dreams! It is wooden and handpainted making for a beautiful addition to your playroom. Keep in mind the cute little animal set is sold separately. Click here for pricing!

17: Love & Mini Piano Toy

best toys for 4 year old girls

Age 4 is a great time for children to be making music and learning an instrument. Musical toys are also a good way to see if your child is interested in this skill, and this toy keyboard looks like a grand piano complete with a microphone. Any 4-year-old girl can spend time independently pressing the keys and making her own music with this toy before you invest in piano lessons.

Turning 4 years old opens up a whole new world of children’s toys! This age brings more independence, curiosity, and communication! All of the toys above are great options for a 4-year-old girl, whether she’s interested in princesses and drawing or STEM and outdoor activities.

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