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The 5–24 Month Collection: Everything You Need for Great Sleep


It’s here! Get The 5–24 Month Collection: Everything You Need for Great Sleep now!

What’s included in The 5–24 Month Collection: Everything You Need for Great Sleep? #

  • *Improved and Expanded* ABCs of Sleep: Your Plan for Great Nights. I’ll walk you step-by-step through a completely customizable, holistic sleep training experience. By the end, your baby will be getting 10-12 hours of independent night sleep.

  • *New* Conquering Naps: Your Plan for Great Days. In this comprehensive class, I’ll help you set up a daytime routine and nap schedule that fits your family’s lifestyle and values. And you’ll get age-specific guidance to meet your baby right where he or she is developmentally at every stage from now until your baby turns 2.

  • *New* Bumps Along the Way. Traveling, sickness, separation anxiety, and lots more can throw your sleep routines for a loop. This class provides practical guidance to help you confidently navigate all of the bumps in your sleep journey, and it’s only available as part of The 5–24 Month Collection

How is the new ABCs of Sleep different from the original ABCs of Sleep? #

The updated ABCs of Sleep: Your Plan for Great Nights is improved and expanded. In addition to the step-by-step guidance that’s already helped thousands of families, my new class offers:

  • Even more customization based on your baby’s unique needs—including night weaning and reassurance.

  • Clear direction on preparing your family, home, and baby for a smooth sleep training experience.

  • Extra video support for multiples, Montessori beds, room-sharing, older siblings, traveling families, reflux, teething, daycare, strong-willed babies, and so much more.

  • Additional workbook pages so you can easily evaluate and track your baby’s needs, progress, and goals.

In short, I’ve taken parents’ most common questions and concerns and packaged them into my most practical and comprehensive class yet!

What is Conquering Naps: Your Plan for Great Days? #

Daytime sleep is vital to your baby’s development. (And for your peace of mind!) Conquering Naps is my new class designed just for daytime sleep. It will teach you how to:

  • Set up a developmentally appropriate flexible routine and nap schedule 

  • Conquer your baby’s naps so that you can get independent crib naps, snuggle naps, or any combination of the two.

  • Adjust and transition for every new stage until your baby turns 2

  • Troubleshoot short naps, early morning wakings, naps on the go, tricky days, and so much more.

Conquering Naps is perfect for all babies 5–24 months: bottle or breastfed, for those who attend daycare, those who have older siblings, multiples, and more.

What is Bumps Along the Way?#

Available exclusively as part of The 5–24 Month Collection, Bumps Along the Way teaches everything you need to navigate life after sleep training:

  • Traveling

  • Potty training

  • Adding another baby

  • Sleep regressions

  • Separation anxiety

  • Moving

  • And lots more!

When can I get started? #

The 5–24 Month Collection: Everything You Need for Great Sleep (and the individual classes) is available now! 

How long do I have access to The 5–24 Month Collection?#

The 5–24 Month Collection: Everything You Need for Great Sleep comes with nineteen months of access so that you have it now and for every nap transition, every regression, and every bump along the way until your baby reaches 24 months.

How much do these classes cost?#

Purchased separately, ABCs of Sleep is $179, and Conquering Naps costs $129. When you purchase The 5–24 Month Collection, you get them both—plus Bumps Along the Way—for just $249. That’s a $59 savings AND an extra class. (The only way to get access to Bumps Along the Way is to purchase The 5–24 Month Collection.)

Think you’ll need more one-on-one support? I’ve got you! The 5–24 Month Collection PLUS includes a discounted phone consultation with one of my expert certified sleep consultants. YES! That’s ABCs of Sleep, Conquering Naps, Bumps Along the Way, AND included one-on-one support for $319. 

How do I decide which class(es) I need?#


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