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The Best Balance Board for Toddlers [5 Options We’re Loving Right Now!]


If you’re the parent of a toddler, you know that a lot of time is spent just trying to keep them entertained.  Why?  Because an idle toddler can mean…DANGER!  So if you’re anything like me, you’re on a constant search for the next best toy that will keep your toddler, well, out of the danger zone. What better than one that also helps them with posture, balance, and core strength? A balance board does just that and, lucky for you, you will find the absolute best balance board for toddlers below!

balance board for toddlers

Balance boards have been commended by parents and pediatricians alike for focusing on physical movement and assisting toddlers in strengthening their core to help them keep their – you guessed it – balance.  However, in a market that is flooded with thousands of different options, how do you know which one to purchase?  Well, we’ve done some research and in this article, I am going to highlight the five best balance boards for toddlers. 

Remember: When using any toy, be sure to be safe and wear protective equipment, if needed.  Now, let’s start balancing!

The 5 Best Balance Boards for Toddlers

1. Kinderfeet Kinderboard – The Absolute BEST Balance Board for Toddlers

I am not the only one raving about this wooden balance board. It has a 5/5 star rating from 980 customers! The Kinderfeet Kinderboard is specifically built help balance and encourage body awareness.  What toddler do you know that couldn’t use a little of both?

There are a few features that set this option apart from the rest and earn it the title of being the best balance board for toddlers. For one, it is hand crafted and made of heavy-duty beechwood. It is sealed with a water-based lacquer so it can be used inside and outside.

It can hold up to 485 lbs and is recommended for toddlers over 18 months. It has no age limitations within the weight range.  You know what this means Mom and Dad?  You can go ahead and give this one a shot too. The Kinderfeet Kinderboard is made to entertain kids of ALL ages. 

The natural wood model is priced the lowest at $89, but other patterns and colors are available at higher price points.

Price: $89+

balance board

2. The Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board

This is an Award-winning Handmade in USA Montessori Wooden toy and I can see why! The Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board is handmade out of American Maple Wood and comes in a variety of different colors including, but not limited to, rainbow and sunset.

If you are crafty and prefer to personalize it for your toddler, I would recommend going for the unfinished option. If your little ones are anything like mine – they LOVE to color and paint their toys (even when they’re not supposed to). 

There are two sizes available; the regular is made for children over the age of 18 months and holds up to 450 lbs and the starter size is made for smaller infants and toddlers and holds up to 350 lbs. The smaller size is designed for younger ones to easily control. It is the perfect starter balance board.

You can find this spectacular, colorful balance board on Etsy. 

Price: $56+

3. Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper – The Best Balance Board for Toddlers that Need a Little More Stability

This is the first board on our list that is made out of plastic, but don’t let that throw you off. It’s an option worth considering. 

When you are opening your weekly road-up of Amazon boxes, do your little ones just LOVE to pop the bubbles in the packaging?  If so, this choice is going to be especially intriguing. It has suction cups on the bottom!  As the toddlers rock back and forth, the cups pop, giving them an exciting reward for their movement.  The suction cups also give it more stability so that it could possibly serve as a seat, without the constant movement. 

The versatile balance board was the winner of ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids Award in 2014, is designed for toddlers ages 3+ and holds up to 110 lbs.  This particular model is made in blue, but it can also be found in pink and green.  Additionally, it is at the lowest price point of all of the boards on this list.

Price: $44.99

balance board for toddlers

4. Spooner Boards Freestyle

If you remember gym class the way I remember gym class, then you probably recall rolling around on highly uncomfortable wooden scooters. Well, times have certainly changed! These Spooner Boards are now what is seen by most students in the gym, as they are well-loved by physical education teachers. Why? They are sturdy, versatile, and durable. 

Your toddler will be able to spin, twist, slide, and wobble easily due to the shorter length of the board which measures 24 inches. 

This balance board is made of hard plastic and holds up to 500 lbs. It is recommended for ages 24 months-15 years and is designed to stand the test of time.

Price: $44.99

5. Wobble Board

wobble board for toddlers

Last but not necessarily least, this balance board encourages movement and posture at a mid-price point. Instead of spending a rainy day in front of the television, little ones can expel their energy riding this awesome board. Painted in bright and cheerful hues of pink or yellow, toddlers are sure to love it.

It can be used in creative play and for far more than just balancing. Little ones can use it as a racetrack for cars, a cradle for dolls, a stepping stool, a slide, and the list goes on.

This wobble board can hold up to 220 lbs and is recommended for children over the age of 18 months with no age limit within the weight requirements. 

Price: $50

So there you have it – the five best balance boards for toddlers (and beyond). In a world of technology where children are often attached to a screen, these simple toys are a breath of fresh air for parents and toddlers alike. Ideal for encouraging physical activity, creativity, and basic skills they’re really a must-have in any household with children.

The choices of bright colors and different shapes keep them unique and personal. Whether you prefer plastic, wood, blue, yellow, or rainbow this list provides something for everyone. Now – decide on a color and go out and get one.  Then, most importantly, have some fun!

Remember: If your toddler is anything like mine (who can manage to get hurt sitting on the couch with pillows around him), be sure to always use them in an open space away from any furniture. Don’t leave toddlers unsupervised, and use proper equipment if needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are balance boards good for toddlers?

Balance boards are good for toddlers. They help with posture, balance, and core strength.

At what age can kids use a balance board?

Balance board age requirements vary and you should follow the instructions of your specific board. However, most can be used starting between 18-24 months old.

Is a balance board worth it?

Yes! In a world of technology where children are often attached to a screen, these simple toys are a breath of fresh air for parents and toddlers alike. Ideal for encouraging physical activity, creativity, and basic skills they’re really a must-have in any household with children.

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